• Knitted sweater

Pirun knitted sweater
  • 河北匹润服饰有限公司 Company: Hebei Pirun Clothing Co., Ltd
  • 【详情】康熙字典记载,匹字代表纺织品的意义,让人联想到服装。 Brand introduction: [details] Kangxi dictionary records, the word Pi represents the meaning of textiles, reminiscent of clothing. The word Run has the meaning of delicate and smooth. The characteristics of cashmere products are best expressed with words, but also the meaning of grace. Pilun is exactly in line with the characteristics of cashmere products. Cashmere is the most delicate and smooth, soft and light material of all textiles. The operators of Pilun are even more grateful. As a conscience company, Pilun guarantees that every piece of clothing is genuine and every product It has authoritative quality inspection report, which can truly control the customers and share the products with users. "Pizhixiaxia, Runze Wanjia" is Pirun's core business philosophy
Area: Xingtai City, Hebei Tel: 0319-7501116 Online Message
Siqing Gowa Knit Sweater
  • 四川斯庆高娃羊绒服饰有限公司 Company: Sichuan Siqing Gaowa Cashmere Clothing Co., Ltd.
  • 【详情】斯庆高娃——把每一根线都赋予生命,让每一处针脚都诠释爱意。 Brand introduction: [details] Siqing Gaowa-give each thread life, let every pin interpret the love. "Siqing Gaowa" in Mongolian means smart, beautiful, auspicious, and wishful. Since its establishment in 1998, "Siqing Gaowa", as the company's core brand, has always led China's cashmere fashion with natural style, noble quality, and elegant design. Siqing Gaowa has focused on cashmere for nearly two decades, and has more than 200 offline physical stores nationwide. Its products are exported to Europe, Japan, the United States, and Canada, and won the China Woolen Gold Award. "Siqing Gaowa" products are among the best in Southwest China.
Area: Chengdu, Sichuan Phone: 15690878815 Online message
Brocade knitted sweater
  • 太仓中宸服饰有限公司 Company: Taicang Zhongli Clothing Co., Ltd
  • 【详情】锦典品牌承袭了深厚的传统文化底蕴和人文精神,注入了全新的现代时尚理念与审美感观,凭借创新的设计风格和雄厚的设计力量、大气而简洁、新锐的创新精神,高雅而不奢华、庄重而不乏色彩变化。 Brand introduction: [details] Jindian brand inherits deep traditional cultural heritage and humanistic spirit, injects new modern fashion concepts and aesthetic sense, with innovative design style and strong design power, atmospheric and simple, and cutting-edge innovation Spirit, elegance without luxury, solemn without lack of color change. Jindian is the first to launch cashmere sweaters and cashmere products. Its consumer age is positioned between 20-45 years. It has exquisite workmanship, novel styles, originality, and soft colors. It not only has classic decoration, but also reflects various natural styles. The overall feeling is free and comfortable, reflecting personality, fully adaptable
Area: Suzhou, Jiangsu, China Tel: 0512-53640625 Online Message
Newfeo knitted sweater
  • 桐乡纽费欧服装有限公司 Company: Tongxiang Newfeo Garment Co., Ltd.
  • 【详情】品牌风格纽费欧服装以简约清晰的线条,将欧式理念与现代都市元素完美结合,以简约干练的设计风格满足职场、休闲等各种不同场合的着装要求,将摩登和优雅的气息贯穿于服装中,让自信在着装者的精致生活中得以完美展现。 Brand introduction: [Details] The brand-style Newfeo clothing combines simple European style with modern urban elements with simple and clear lines, and meets the dress requirements of various occasions such as workplace and leisure with a simple and capable design style. The elegant atmosphere runs through the clothing, allowing confidence to be perfectly displayed in the delicate life of the wearer. The brand design concept emphasizes the sense of high-end and comfortable dress. The design method combining business and leisure elements not only retains the natural feeling but also lacks luxurious drawing and design composition, evoking active thinking in the transformation.
Area: Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Phone: 0573-88551662 Online Message
Olek fleece knitted sweater
  • 河北奥莱克绒毛制品有限公司 Affiliated enterprise: Hebei Aolek Wool Products Co., Ltd.
  • 【详情】河北奥莱克绒毛制品有限公司位于享有“世界羊绒看中国,中国羊绒看清河”美称的河北省清河县。 Brand introduction: [Details] Hebei Oleike Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. is located in Qinghe County, Hebei Province, which enjoys the reputation of "World Cashmere Looks at China, China Cashmere Looks at Qinghe". Qinghe County is the largest cashmere distribution center, production and product processing place in China and even the world. It is named as "China's Cashmere Capital" and "China's Famous Textile City" by China Textile Federation. The company is located in Qinghe County China Cashmere Technology Park, covering an area of 50,000 square meters and a building area of 36,000 square meters. At present, the company's total assets have reached US $ 3,000,000, including fixed assets of US $ 14.8 million. The company has 457 sets of various production equipment and 800 employees.
Area: Xingtai City, Hebei Province Tel: 0319-8163130, 8163119 Online message
Cashmere. Classic Knit Sweater
  • 深圳市开斯米服饰有限公司 Affiliated enterprise: Shenzhen Kaisimi Clothing Co., Ltd
  • 【详情】开斯米源自传承经典的家族文化,以责任、关爱、幸福、感恩的价值观融入品牌运营,以原趣打造幸福感家族为品牌理念并坚持自然、纯粹的产品格调及生活风格,主张平衡、协调、圆融……接受最原本的幸福加减法,以原生、原味、原趣的生活美学阐述至情至性的真我世界,唤醒人们对家的感觉,让家成为一个有品质感的幸福空间。 Brand introduction: [Details] Cashmere originates from the classic family culture, integrates the values of responsibility, care, happiness, and gratitude into the brand's operations, and uses the original interest to create a happy family as the brand concept and adheres to a natural and pure product style and Life style, advocates balance, harmony, harmony ... Accept the most original addition and subtraction of happiness, and explain to the true and true world of life with the original, original and original life aesthetics, to awaken people's feelings about home Become a happy space with quality. Make Cashmere a fun, comfortable, healthy, high-quality lifestyle measure
Area: Shenzhen, Guangdong Contact Tel: 0755-26826840 Online Message
Royal Embroidered Knit Sweater
  • 汕头市古蕾服饰实业有限公司 Company: Shantou Gulei Clothing Industry Co., Ltd.
  • 【详情】御之绣, USTION是意大利米兰御绣坊国际集团公司旗下的专业毛衫品牌,高贵、时尚、个性是USTION品牌的恒久定位。 Brand introduction: [details] Royal Embroidery, USTION is a professional sweater brand under the Royal Embroidery International Group of Milan, Italy. Noble, fashionable and individual is the permanent positioning of the USTION brand. In 2006, the Royal Embroidery International Group of Milan, Italy cooperated with Shantou Gulei Apparel Company, which has nearly 30 years of experience in the production and production of high-end sweaters, to jointly develop and serve the Chinese market, and to develop advanced wool and cashmere products tailored specifically for the Chinese consumer market. ! In order to ensure product quality, USTION actively cooperates with the world-class research institute of wool and cashmere fibers, so every USTION
Area: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China Tel: 020-83706776 Online message
Muran beauty knitted sweater
  • 新疆牧然美羊绒制品有限公司 Company: Xinjiang Muranmei Cashmere Products Co., Ltd.
  • 【详情】牧然美,一个至真至纯的羊绒时代。 Brand introduction: [Details] Mu Ranmei, a real and pure cashmere era. Muran beautiful cashmere-a gift from nature, from the millennium cashmere culture accumulated in the Tianshan Mountains. As a latecomer brand, Mu Ranmei's achievements are derived from the original original feelings-creating the true-to-pure sky cashmere brand. In 2008, Mu Ranmei cashmere was formally established. Unlike other cashmere companies, Mu Ranmei chose cashmere from the pastoral area around Tianshan, Xinjiang, China. It is a soft and shiny top cashmere. Development agency franchise and company monopoly
Area: Urumqi, Xinjiang Tel: 0991-8765473 Online message
Aussie knitted sweater
  • 浙江奥群服饰有限公司(澳淇丝) Affiliated enterprises: Zhejiang Aoqun Clothing Co., Ltd. (Aoqi Si)
  • 【详情】在2005年取得了ISO9001质量体系认证证书。 Brand introduction: [details] In 2005, it obtained the ISO9001 quality system certification. The company believes in the credibility and development of the company's faith, has established good relations of cooperation with several well-known brands at home and abroad, such as Ordos, and has its own brand "Aoqi Si". Focusing on innovation, with sophisticated workmanship, elegant styles and comfortable wearing advantages, Aoqisi has won a high reputation in this strong business atmosphere and fierce market competition. Sincere cooperation is our company's commitment to all customers, we will be the best quality, best management, best reputation
Area: Jiaxing, Zhejiang Tel: 0573-88986008 Online message
LeCENT knitted sweater
  • 林田服饰(珠海)有限公司(sam scuri/LeCENT) Company: Lintian Clothing (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. (sam scuri / LeCENT)
  • 【详情】 「LeCENT」在法语中翻译成100,她的主题是:无论在素材·质量·做工等方面,都是完美无缺的。 Brand introduction: [Details] "LeCENT" is translated into 100 in French. Her theme is: No matter in terms of materials, quality, workmanship, etc., it is perfect. She is a brand designed for adults who have strict requirements on things and seek rich sensibility. Constantly pursuing, Italian-style casual wear for adults that matches the atmosphere of the times, bright, clean, modern style design of the upper class.
Area: Shanghai, Shanghai Phone: 021-6082-9236 Online message
Jeepee knitted sweater
  • 宁波宏利集团有限公司 Company: Ningbo Hongli Group Co., Ltd.
  • 【详情】吉普宜服饰以成功、经典、高瑞、高雅的风格引领针织服装导向,以穿着舒适、自然、时尚、品味等作为产品开发的主要思路,融流行款式、面料、色彩于一体,采用国际先进进口设备,多道工序精制而成。 Brand introduction: [details] Jeep Yi clothing leads the knitwear direction with success, classic, high fashion, elegant style, and wears comfortable, natural, fashionable, taste, etc. as the main idea of product development, integrating popular styles, fabrics and colors in Integrated, using international advanced imported equipment, refined through multiple processes.
Area: Ningbo, Zhejiang Phone: 0574-65723335 Online message
Drennos knitted sweater
  • 呼和浩特市雪琪羊绒制品有限责任公司(卓伦诺斯) Affiliated enterprise: Hohhot Xueqi Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. (Zhuo Lunuosi)
  • 【详情】我公司主要生产纯山羊绒系列产品和各种规格的成品纱线,同时经营纯山羊绒制品品牌贴牌业务。 Brand introduction: [Details] Our company mainly produces pure cashmere series products and various specifications of finished yarns. At the same time, it operates pure cashmere products brand OEM business. The company has "Zollenus" and "Xueqiya" brand products: pure cashmere products, cashmere sweaters, cashmere scarves, cashmere pants and so on. The raw materials of the products are made of Ordos white cashmere, which is soft, white, bright in color, soft in gloss, and "warm and comfortable to wear." The company's products are well-known both at home and abroad, and sell well in various markets. Our company guarantees high purity, anti-static, anti-pilling, green and environmental protection.
Area: Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Tel: 0471-5966612 Online Message
Shekia knitted sweater
  • 呼和浩特市雪琪羊绒制品有限责任公司(雪琪娅) Affiliated enterprises: Hohhot Xueqi Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. (Xueqiya)
  • 【详情】公司拥有“卓伦诺斯”和“雪琪娅”品牌系列产品:纯山羊绒制品、羊绒衫、羊绒围巾、羊绒裤等。 Brand introduction: [Details] The company has "Zollenos" and "Xueqiya" brand products: pure cashmere products, cashmere sweaters, cashmere scarves, cashmere pants, etc. The raw materials of the products are made of Ordos white cashmere, which is soft, white, bright in color, soft in gloss, and "warm and comfortable to wear." The company's products are well-known both at home and abroad, and sell well in various markets. Our company guarantees high purity, anti-static, anti-pilling, and environmental protection. At the same time, we promise to pay ten for one fake, and welcome the supervision of consumers.
Area: Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Tel: 0471-5966612 Online Message
Sungin group knitted sweater
  • 杭州商泰服饰有限公司 Company: Hangzhou Shangtai Clothing Co., Ltd
  • 【详情】 Sungin group 成立于1995年,是一家外贸服饰企业,公司集毛纱、毛衫、针织服饰设计、研发、生产、销售为一体。 Brand introduction: [Details] Sungin group was established in 1995. It is a foreign trade apparel company. The company integrates wool yarn, sweaters, knitted apparel design, research and development, production and sales. In the product development, design, production, and sales management, the company continuously introduces talents, integrates resources, strengthens the system, creates high-quality products and first-class services, and enjoys a good reputation in European and American customer countries. The main customers are distributed in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United States and other regions. Among them, high-end customers account for more than 50%. Most of the customer cooperation continues in
Area: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Phone: 0571-85101909 Online Message
SS knitted sweater
  • 新疆天山毛纺织股份有限公司(SS) Company: Xinjiang Tianshan Wool Textile Co., Ltd. (SS)
  • 【详情】公司拥有内外销两个市场, “天山”、“GTS”、“SS”系列产品遍布20多个省市,店铺及专柜200多个;外销客户主要分布在美国、德国、瑞士、意大利、法国、日本、韩国及港澳地区。 Brand introduction: [Details] The company has two markets for domestic and overseas sales. The "Tianshan", "GTS", and "SS" series products cover more than 20 provinces and cities, with more than 200 shops and counters. The export customers are mainly distributed in the US, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong and Macau. In 1999, Tianshan products were rated as China's well-known trademarks. In 2003, Tianshan products were awarded the title of Chinese Famous Brand. The company's series of products also won the national product quality inspection certificate. Since 1980, by cooperating with well-known international brands, the company is not only based on industry standards and International Wool Bureau standards, but also based on
Area: Urumqi, Xinjiang Tel: 0991-4311866 4336099 Online message
Vitigar Muse Knit Sweater
  • 蔚盈国际集团有限公司(维缇嘉·妙思) Affiliated enterprises: Weiying International Group Co., Ltd.
  • 【详情】 《維缇嘉•妙思》是蔚盈国际集团有限公司旗下,致力于时尚毛织设计开发、生产、ODM一体化的品牌。 Brand introduction: [Details] "Vitigar Miaosi" is a brand of Weiying International Group Co., Ltd., which is committed to the design, development, production and integration of fashion wool knitting. "Vitigar Wonder" is a carrier space for fashion and art. It subverts and regenerates woolen design. We transform high fashion into a vivid and timeless embodiment of classics, creating light luxury fashion boutiques. "Vitigar Wonderful Thought" --- because of quality, from the heart .......
Area: Contact Tel: 400-811-0188 Online Message
Dee Knit Sweater
  • 桐乡市鸿企纺织有限公司 Affiliated enterprise: Tongxiang Hongqi Textile Co., Ltd.
  • 【详情】 T.FERAI诞生于一个个性张扬的年代,勾勒出每一个女人内心深处关于美的梦想。 Brand introduction: [details] T.FERAI was born in a time of publicity, sketching the dream of beauty in the heart of every woman. The T.FERAI women's clothing brand originated in 1998. Its clothing is full of retro atmosphere, and it is constantly looking for the current popular elements. Embroidery, lace, rhinestones, rhinestones, fur, bows, folds and other fabrics are blended into natural and gorgeous colors, which are sometimes sexy and simple, yet elegant and elegant, giving people fantasy, romance, innovation and classic inspiration. T.FERAI brand clothing is full of modern urban sense, which can well modify the wearer's figure and enhance its temperament,
Area: Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Phone: 0573-88895566 Online Message
Corinth Knit Sweater
  • 桐乡市鸿企纺织有限公司(哥瑞尼斯) Affiliated enterprise: Tongxiang Hongqi Textile Co., Ltd.
  • 【详情】桐乡市鸿企纺织有限公司位于全球最大的毛衫集散地中国·濮院,地处长江金三角地带,位于浙江桐乡东部,紧邻嘉兴,距上海127公里,杭州65公里,北靠320国道申嘉湖高速,南傍沪杭高速,交通便捷。 Brand introduction: [Details] Tongxiang Hongqi Textile Co., Ltd. is located in the world's largest sweater distribution center in China · Puyuan. It is located in the Golden Triangle of the Yangtze River. The 320 National Highway Shenjiahu Expressway and the Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway to the south have convenient transportation. The corporate headquarters is located at No. 291 Taihe Road, Puyuan Sweater City Industrial Park. It covers an area of 18,000 square meters and a building area of 25,000 square meters. There are more than 500 employees, including 126 professional technicians and 35 engineers. Our company produces and sells all kinds of knitted wool for many years
Area: Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Phone: 0573-88895566 Online Message
Binovular knitted sweater
  • SJI & Company 株式会社/SJI & Co.,Inc. Company: SJI & Company Co., Ltd./SJI & Co., Inc.
  • 【详情】 Binovular使用全世界最优质的原丝,减少中间泡沫,以合理的价位向消费者供应。 Brand introduction: [Details] Binovular uses the world's highest quality raw silk, reduces intermediate foam, and supplies it to consumers at reasonable prices. Will become a brand leading every consumer. The main raw materials of the brand are cashmere and wool which belong to the highest grade in the world. We do not use chemical fibers. The company started from a professional knitting manufacturer for more than 20 years to manage the quality of the clothing you purchase. The brand does not carry out mass production by itself, eliminates the burden of inventory, and is favored in the market at competitive prices.
Area: Contact Tel: 82-2-3237935 Online Message
by margo mok knitted sweater
  • 南泽公司 Company: Nanze
  • 【详情】很多人都有「只有秋冬才会穿毛衣」的误解,by margo mok 针对这个美丽的误会,以设计、生產与销售毛衫及针织等服饰為基础,在针织时尚领域带领夏天针织服饰及冷衫的潮流,主售款式超过二千款,并每月在自设厂房研发新產品,贯彻北欧简约设计的宗旨,将欧洲传统设计带入本地,紧贴潮流步伐,创立自家品牌,為针织时尚提供更多创造及可能性。 Brand introduction: [details] Many people have the misunderstanding of "only sweaters can be worn in autumn and winter." In response to this beautiful misunderstanding, by margo mok designs, produces and sells sweaters and knitwear as the basis, leading in the field of knitted fashion The trend of summer knitwear and cold shirts, the main sale of more than 2,000 styles, and monthly research and development of new products in its own factory, the implementation of the Nordic minimalist design, bringing traditional European design to the local, keep up with the pace of the trend, create their own The brand provides more creativity and possibilities for knitted fashion.
Area: Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong Tel: 852-31241156 Message
Cashmerephilia knitted sweater
  • 羊绒热有限公司 Company: Cashmere Heat Co., Ltd.
  • 【详情】 Cashmerephilia对天然羊绒柔软及奢华舒适之热爱,穿着羊绒不但舒适,更是时尚,公司致力提供高素质天然柔软以及时尚之羊绒及羊绒混纺产品。 Brand introduction: [Details] Cashmerephilia loves the softness, luxury and comfort of natural cashmere. Wearing cashmere is not only comfortable, but also fashionable. The company is committed to providing high-quality natural soft and fashionable cashmere and cashmere blended products. Our design team dares to explore innovation and inject extraordinary elements of innovation into various cashmere products. In addition, family warmth is our core value. We value and promote harmonious family relationships and love.
Area: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China Tel: 0852-24230201 Online Message
Headdress cashmere sweater
  • 东莞市和和服饰有限公司 Company: Dongguan Hehe Clothing Co., Ltd.
  • 【详情】主营现货批发羊绒衫、批量订购、来料加工等,公司还拥有优秀团队设计主推"喜姿绒"羊绒衫品牌。 Brand introduction: [Details] The main spot cashmere sweaters, bulk ordering, processing, etc., the company also has an excellent team to design and promote the "Xizi cashmere" cashmere sweater brand. It mainly uses cashmere sweaters as its sales channel, and provides tailor-made cashmere sweaters to meet the emerging high-end personality customization group. The natural and generous, pure and elegant, fashionable and innovative romantic atmosphere of the design style of “Xizhuang cashmere” is based on the popular characteristics of today's market. It combines the elegance of the eastern culture with the simplicity of the western culture, and interprets it from its own unique perspective. The meaning of fashion, put its fashion elements
Area: Dongguan City, Guangdong Contact Tel: 0769-83487637 Online Message
Mark Fast Knit Sweater
  • 英国Mark Fast服饰公司 Company: Mark Fast Clothing Company
  • 【详情】 Mark Fast马克法斯特是以针织服装闻名于世的英国品牌,在以合身剪裁的基础之上,尝试配饰对于服装效果的整体影响的实验,成就了mark fast设计的标志。 Brand introduction: [Details] Mark Fast is a British brand famous for knitwear. On the basis of tailoring, it tries to experiment with the overall effect of accessories on the effect of clothing, and has achieved the mark of mark fast design. . In addition, the designer mark fast also took inspiration from the silent film in Egypt, made a lot of feathers with tassels, decorated long skirts and short skirts with cutouts on the neckline, combined with wild belts and flesh-colored bras, creating a rich exotic Style. This hollow weaving technique and unique perspective on women are the iconic milestones of fast design
Area: Contact phone: Online message
Mi boss knit sweater
  • 浙江糜老大服饰有限公司 Affiliated company: Zhejiang Mi Laoda Clothing Co., Ltd
  • 【详情】 2002年公司获得浙江省著名商标“糜老大”的独占许可使用权,实现了著名品牌与强势企业的合作。 Brand introduction: [details] In 2002, the company obtained the exclusive license to use the famous brand "Mi Lao" in Zhejiang Province, and realized the cooperation between famous brands and strong enterprises. In December 2004, he obtained the lifetime ownership of the "Mi Boss" trademark. The boutique sweaters and T-shirts of the "Mi Lao Bo" brand have been loved and recognized by consumers in the national market for their fine workmanship, sophisticated materials selection, unique styles, and high quality. The sales volume ranks among the same industry. Top. There are relatively sound sales network systems throughout the country, with annual sales of 500,000 pieces.
Area: Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Phone: 0573-8080888 Online Message
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  1. 举办地点:东莞市虎门镇赤岗乔帛工业园 Time: March 16, 2020 Location: Chigang Qiaoye Industrial Park, Humen Town, Dongguan City
  2. 举办地点:广东省东莞市凤岗镜官共头嘉辉路51号嘉辉会悦酒店大堂 Date: March 9, 2020 Location: Lobby of Jiahui Hotel, No. 51 Jiahui Road, Fengguan, Guangang, Fenggang, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province
  3. 举办地点:安徽池州市高新开发区棠溪大道与六丰路交叉口卡儿菲特产业园 Time: February 25, 2020 Location: Carrfit Industrial Park at the intersection of Tangxi Avenue and Liufeng Road, High-tech Development Zone, Chizhou , Anhui
  4. 举办地点:南京恒大酒店 Time: February 25, 2020 Location: Nanjing Evergrande Hotel
  5. 举办地点:深圳大梅沙海景酒店 Time: February 22, 2020 Location: Shenzhen Dameisha Seaview Hotel
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