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Raiders of Women's clothing brand discount stores are in hot recruitment!

The Indiana Jones brand is mainly engaged in "brand discount high-end women's clothing" . Qiushui Yiren, Sishuiyanhua, ONLY, MODA, Enrui, Haibei and other brands are all sold at a discount . When they come to Indiana Jones, they come to the factory outlet store. High-end authentic products, tender prices, let women indulge in the infinite charm of shopping, Indiana Jones brand discount stores have an addictive magic to women, because here you can find your favorite shopping mall counter brands to satisfy shopping Addiction while reducing shopping costs by 70%.

Indiana Jones is a member of Chi Mei International Group's discount women's clothing. "Intriguing Treasure Soldiers" has collected domestic and foreign women's clothing brands with innate advantages, carried out discount sales, and developed agents and specialty stores throughout the country in the form of franchise, and gradually established its own brand marketing network. Now it has more than 2,000 terminal stores. Strive to build a brand discount clothing chain with a certain influence in the women's clothing industry. Product marketing at home and abroad has been well received by consumers.

Taking the advantage of Chi Mei's international supply, Indiana Jones quickly released new products, insisted on authenticity and high quality, and had a strong sense of fashion. The supply of goods was updated quickly. There are many brands, wide and refined, and different categories of products can be selected according to different regions for precise target market positioning. The professional marketing department and sales department will jointly use the years of operating experience to replicate the success of the terminal store based on the local reality.

After years of development, Chi Mei has grown stronger. In 2011, Chi Mei was established, covering an area of more than 20 acres. It has a 5,000-square-meter giant exhibition hall and a sample display area, and has a daily throughput of more than one million. In the same year, the Indianapolis Mall e-commerce flat B2C platform was established, and online and offline mixed operations were carried out. The Indianapolis Mall, which fully distributed the benefits to franchisees, is expected to push the Indianapolis brand's influence deeper, farther and stronger.

Shopping mall counters, famous women's discounts, thousands of styles, seasonal updates, carefully selected quality, brand selection, online, one-click ordering | two selection modes, equally cost-effective |
■ One-click ordering According to the store size and sales situation, combined with seasonal scientific recommendation order package.
■ Carefully selected franchise owners to independently choose the clothing that needs to be purchased at that time, and the headquarters will ship in batches

Searching for treasures and hunting for treasures are all under the umbrella of the Indiana Jones brand, and they sell 100+ first- and second-tier brands as the core and offer long-term cooperation with 3000+ apparel companies to provide 2000+ franchised stores with honesty of supply. 15 years ago-product manufacturing; mid-term -Brand channels; late-brand privileges adhere to profit concessionaires | continue to benefit consumers ■ In 2005, Indiana Jones was officially established. With years of foreign trade experience, the company quickly got on track;
■ Established Chimei Building in 2011, covering an area of more than 20 acres, with an exhibition hall of 5000 square meters, with a daily throughput of more than one million;
■ In 2015, Indiana Jones and the Cloud Store were successfully listed, achieving simultaneous online and offline operations, and opening a new chapter in the brand.

Core brand value:

Adhere to genuine products, brand discounts as low as 1% off sales , with consumer satisfaction as the core benefit, with high-quality brand clothing and high cost performance to bring joy to thousands of women. The products insist on advancing with the times. Fashion, high-end and multiple choices allow women to experience the trinity of quality, low price and fashion .

Brand Positioning:

For all women's consumer groups, they are a clever family, pursuing a quality life, favoring high-quality clothing for the brand, and knowing how to achieve a beautiful wish with an excellent price. They like Indiana Jones, because fashionable high-quality women's clothing is up to 70% off. They are a huge force for shopping.

Brand pattern:

There are a total of 5 differently positioned clothing brands under the Chi Mei International Group, including a comprehensive product line from children's clothing, fashionable youth clothing, to sports and leisure clothing. It is also the main brand in Greater China.

Misroya brand introduction

Misroya is transliterated from MISS ROYAL, and is committed to providing high-quality clothing and cultural enjoyment for Metropolis beauty. It is a collection of domestic and foreign big-name discounts for sale, creating a fashionable, diversified and special shopping club. With the shopping environment of Jianou Art, fashionable best-selling styles, heart-breaking ultra-low prices, and extraordinary quality of famous products, it has created a cost-effective fashion women's chain store. Misi Luoya is a mid-to-high-end women's clothing brand owned by Chi Mei. It is committed to providing high-quality clothing and cultural enjoyment for Metropolis beauty, so that every woman can be her own fashion queen. In the “Misroya Famous Brands Special Promotion Hall”, brands such as Ou Shili, elder brother, Lizi, Burberry have a discount of 100% off. "Misi Luoya" focuses on Shenzhen and Shanghai brand clothing, and it has almost exhausted the discount products of Shenzhen and Shanghai famous brands. The discount price is exciting!

Cool Blue Sky Brand Introduction

Relying on the professional background of the group, Wuhan Chimei Apparel Co., Ltd. has successfully improved the operation team after the successful operation of "Misroya", the service management system has become increasingly mature, and the operation and control system efficiency has been greatly improved. The Cool Blue Sky Brand Men's Clothing Museum has absorbed the good experience of “Indiana Jones, Mithroya”, and serves “Cool Blue Sky” with a more stable, mature and perfect attitude! Using various brand products to show the world that men are unpredictable. Temperament and grace. Cool Blue Sky Brand Men's Clothing Museum is a men's clothing brand operating system under Wuhan Chimei Clothing Co., Ltd. Wuhan Chimei Clothing Co., Ltd. focuses on the development and promotion of men's and women's brand discount projects. It has successfully launched the "Indiana Jones Brand Discount Club" and "Miss Roya Famous Brands Special Promotion Hall", which will be opened all over mainland China in a short time.

Brand Positioning:

Cool Blue Sky is a high-end brand discount menswear project operated by Wuhan Chimei Apparel Co., Ltd. It brings together more than a hundred domestic and foreign first- and second-line menswear brands. The main terminal sales target is men aged 25 to 50. They are busy and middle-level consumer groups. They are busy. Social activities, rigorous work status, chic leisure life.

  • 20-46 Target consumer groups 20-46
  • 3-10万 The first purchase amount is 30,000-100,000
  • 代理,特许加盟 Cooperative Way Agent, Franchise
  • 0.5-1 Delivery discount rate 0.5-1
  • 0 Franchise fee 0
  • 面议 Exchange rate negotiable
  • 0 Margin 0
  • 全国广东浙江北京上海江苏福建山东河北河南辽宁天津四川安徽湖北重庆湖南香港台湾澳门新疆西藏内蒙古青海宁夏甘肃陕西云南贵州广西江西吉林山西黑龙江海南 Key investment areas nationwide Guangdong Zhejiang Beijing Shanghai Jiangsu Fujian Shandong Hebei Liaoning Tianjin Sichuan Anhui Hubei Chongqing Hunan Hong Kong Taiwan Macau Xinjiang Tibet Inner Mongolia Qinghai Ningxia Gansu Shaanxi Yunnan Guizhou Guangxi Jiangxi Jilin Shanxi Heilongjiang Hainan

What are the advantages of choosing the Indiana Jones brand women's clothing discount store when joining the store?

1. Perennial new goods are constantly available. It is cost-effective to get the bottom-up price and get the goods together . One out | 1 ~ 4 fold capped sales, one in | 2 ~ 3 times the price difference. Only the hot-selling products in the season. The supply is updated in real time to create online explosions. ; Customers do not need to chop their hands, the shop is open for business!
2. Worry-free return and exchange, the inventory is handed to me < br Manufacturers' warehousing, high quality and low price | high proportion return of goods, no need to hold goods to support cross-season exchanges, no worry during the off-season operation!
Support cross-region transfers, and supply hot models at any time!
3. Chi Mei Business School, teach you how to open a store with new thinking. <Br Site selection skills training, decoration and acceptance training, product selection skills, training, product display training, sales skills training, member marketing training, after-sales service training, customer development training . Discounted fees, not discounted service!
Site selection, decoration, laying of goods, and management throughout the entire process guide the online selection of goods, real shots, details are not omitted;
Store design unified style, enjoy the brand effect immediately upon opening the store;
Promote the Trinity, multi-media for your momentum. Management, marketing, support, and reward services are also provided by the commissioner's roving support, resident supervision, and guidance operations;
Regional protection policy, strictly enforced, one store and one store;

Store requirements

The area of the store is more than 20 square meters. It is best to choose a lot of crowded areas near clothing, cosmetics, fashion jewelry areas, large communities, and schools. Large supermarkets, shopping malls, pedestrian streets, and commercial streets are all good choices.
Join one of the three choices, there is no pressure to open a store. <br /> Regional franchise franchise franchise member store franchise investment flexibility, big and small will do!
Flexible site selection, big shops and small shops as you like!
Flexible purchase, no quota required!
Member management software, scientific marketing, risk warning;
Welfare decoration subsidies, sales rewards and other superimposed gifts!

Cooperation Policy——Open the road of win-win and support the collaborators wholeheartedly

1. Image support: Investors enjoy the right to use trademarks. Headquarters supplies items needed for operations.

2. Site selection support: The company has a “store evaluation system” to provide site selection solutions for franchisees and uniformly design the image.

3. Support for business districts: There is no second company within 2 kilometers of each county and city, and it has a complete return and exchange and after-sale settlement system.

4. Goods support: unique "buyer team", providing personalized services for partners, accurately matching the new needs of the local market.

5. Operational support: professional display instructions, unique matching sales techniques, practical sales tips, and balanced promotion methods.

6. Advertising support: Headquarters hired a 4A company to develop an advertising plan. And three-dimensional broadcast in major media, so that franchisees can enjoy brand resources.

7. Management support: The company has many years of practical store management experts to help franchisees to use scientific management to generate benefits.

8. Promotion support: The company can uniformly deploy reasonable promotion in accordance with the season and festival to promote consumption.

9. Logistics support: According to the experience of the physical store, you can distribute goods according to area, achieve cost-effective rations, and have replenishment principles to help successful operations.

10. Network support: The professional network management team provides uninterrupted Internet support and services. Through e-commerce transactions, it is cost-effective and time-saving.

Indiana Jones and the Women ’s clothing brand discount store franchisees are in hot recruitment, multi-store chains across the country, 0 franchise fee, 20 square meters can open a store, if you want to understand, please leave a message below the inquiry, invites inquiry and inspection!

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    Message content: I am very interested in your brand, please reply me as soon as possible! I want to know the specific joining process and preferential policies for joining your brand? What is the minimum area required to join your brand store? Store decoration requirements? Store location? How much is the funding? I want to know the specific conditions and requirements of your brand for dealers to join? I want to know the return and exchange system of your brand goods, the distribution method and the specific dealer level management system?
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