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✂ Connie Chiu Chen, the founder of the studio, graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a Master of Arts in Fashion and Textiles / Global Fashion Management (with IFM-Institut Français de la Mode and (FIT-Fashion Institute of Technology, New York has a cooperative dual professional course). He has worked as a designer and senior design R & D manager in Hong Kong for more than 20 years. He has focused on the European women's wear market and has worked as a quarterly independent in many domestic brand companies Designer jobs.

Connie Chiu is good at using French / Hong Kong's trendy design concepts and deep understanding of the Chinese market to provide comprehensive design services for multiple customers, including the design and integration of multiple brands from planning to clothing, brand research, market research Trend analysis, brand positioning, etc. are mainly based on real wearability and fashion style, focusing on environmental protection and ecological concepts, and more environmentally friendly materials are used as concrete materials.

How to balance design and business elements has always been a must-have question for designers to submit transcripts. Fifteen years ago, Connie Chiu also tried to set up a personal brand in cooperation with domestic factories. With the theme of environmental protection and reorganization of the factory's huge inventory of fabrics into a new series, it has reduced the cost of raw materials and put it in a state of pending The fabric successfully remarried to find a new owner.

Connie Chiu is a senior member of the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association. Twenty years ago, her personal commercial design has been favored by Singapore and Malaysian merchants (mainly design brand wholesalers and buyers). Although the order quantity is not large, but Such affirmation of personal career in the early stage also laid the foundation for future comprehensive development.

After 2006, it made a slight transformation. In the past ten years, it has settled in the Asia-Pacific headquarters of three European and American brand companies, and has further developed into commercial design and research and development. Her career has brought a comprehensive change and improvement. Fabric is the core element of a garment. Quality and cost directly affect the performance and market competitiveness of the garment. Although the title has been changed to “R & D Manager / Creative Manager "Instead of being a" designer ", but it does not affect her enthusiasm for design. The consideration of commercial elements has deepened the maturity and marketization of research and development products (clothing and fabrics), making it both personal and Products without losing commercial maturity become RUNNING ITEM.

Connie Chiu said, "I'm a grounded designer. I'm not a niche or a public. The products I design must be S & S (Sophisticated & Salable). They are called product PRODUCT. CREATIVE) in order to successfully pass the market verification. "It is necessary to have its own designed DNA without losing the mainstream.

After many years of intensive cultivation, I have no intention to open a personal brand, and have turned into a flexible designer's personal studio, so that I can customize products belonging to the brand's own DNA for different corporate brands.

This year successfully joined Fabien Valenca, a painting artist in the industry, "so that I can have more styles on the creative pattern".

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Designer Concept:

Our studio takes the sustainable design of ecological fashion as the main design purpose, and uses more green natural environmental protection materials. Multi-purpose (multiple wear) and Normcore are the main design styles. Wearability and durability, the pursuit of true sustainable fashion, become part of the trend of nature protection.


Pleat Me! Folding Doctrine, asymmetry, diagonal pull, crosswise folds, pleating, suture / dividing line folding,

It can break through the size limitation, three-dimensionalize different plane materials, and make the visual effect presentation power stand out.

The design scope of Chiu Chen Studio:

A: Innovative design or development of fashion items / brands or corporate products

✂ Develop the theme and plan for the design and development of a series of products (style trend / fabric ratio / primary color matching)

完整 Complete design drafts, fashion renderings and inspiration sources (PPT and PDF electronic documents and physical details of the face materials), available in Chinese or English / French versions, if the bilingual version is required, the price is negotiable;

预算 Cost estimates for a full set of clothing materials and supply channels for noodles and accessories;

修改 Modify and change fabrics at once;

✂ For a full set of patterns and samples, the price of each item is negotiable;

✂ Targeting The Chinese market / Brands Partnerships & Fashion Collaborations.

Abo Collaborate to create proprietary collection designs or refresh existing products quality guidelines and inspires targeted consumers in China.

✂ Seasonal research, concept building, sketching, and presentation materials that effectively communicate product concepts and creative strategy internally.

✂ Full cost breakdown initiatives from material through prototypes.

B: Trend information report:

调研 Paris market research, analysis of trends and trends. Formulation of corresponding market research and development reports and plans;

✂ Provide the latest styles and analysis of international brands in Paris stores with the same corporate style;

调研 Exhibition research (Première Vision in Paris, France) and the latest trends of designers or designated brands in Fashion Week;

✂ Targeted European regional market survey, target brand survey. Provide market research reports based on the strong sales of apparel products

提交 Submit a secondary design plan (main fabric / main style / main color) after the current fashion week

✂ Trend Report & Analysis in China Market.

Overview Market overview of the Ready-to-Wear in China (Fashion Market trend in China) with additional insights: what's the most common elements from Chinese culture to connect both local and global audiences.

✂ Consumer Behavior analysis & report and Trend report & Analysis base on digital channel platforms (Tmall, JD, etc.) And Social Media (Wechat, Weibo)

✂ Industry Market Report & Suppliers / Mills Matrix: Textile Supplier, Apparel, Manufacturer by categories with benchmarks: (Woven / C & S Knit; Outerwear / Lightweight tops / Dress / Bottoms, etc.)

C: OEM processing:

500 From 500 pieces of single color OEM

辅 Accessories such as buns and tags are provided by customers

付 Pay all the payment before shipment, if there is any unqualified product, deduct the unit price

承担 All freight charges are borne by the customer

(Manufacturing (from China-Made to China-Innovation)

✂ Private Label Clothing Manufacturer, made-to-order, specially tailoring-made according to specifications.

✂ MOQ: up to 500 pcs with 10 days Sample and 30 days upon Pre-production sample approval.

D: Fashion buyer integrated procurement:

✂Develop corresponding OTB (purchase budget and plan)

✂ Accompany or independently complete the procurement of sample clothing

✂ Submit business analysis and suggestion design

✂Pay 50% according to OTB before purchasing

✂All shipping costs are borne by the customer

Upcying clothes and organic sustainable fabrics

✂Upcying clothes / Organic Sustainable Fabrics

✂Plant based materials with Nature Eyes from China

✂Natural materials (Cotton, silk, wool and linen) with Eco-friendly dyeing method: batik, tie-dye with majority Natural indigo, Coffoo, Fruits, Vegetable Dye.

✂MOQ: 500m / color / order

Chiu Chen Studio Chiu Design
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