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JOJO brand introduction:

Give the right to "fashion talk" to children to create and create different children's fashion life experience-In 2002, the JOJO children's clothing direct store opened in Shenzhen, China's fashion capital. This main brand of "black and white" children's clothing, let calm The children's clothing industry was suddenly turbulent. Ms. Liu Chuanying, the founder of JOJO brand, took the lead in introducing the concept of personality tide brand into the children's clothing industry with her unique sense of fashion and unique fashion concept.

JOJO children's wear brand terminal stores are located in more than 300 large and medium-sized cities across the country, and extend to Hong Kong, Taiwan and international markets such as Dubai, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, and Australia. There are nearly 1,000 counters and specialty stores at home and abroad , and the number of VIP members exceeds 200,000. The JOJO children's clothing brand has become one of the fashion brands with different brand characteristics and comprehensive influence in the children's clothing industry, and has won the recognition and support of consumers.

Behind every reason is a manifestation of a life attitude. JOJO at the beginning created a subversive concept for Chinese children's dressing style. The design style of JOJO children's clothing is distinctive, with the extreme beauty of black and white. In the layered advancing and retreating layer, the cool and modern atmosphere is fully displayed, so that each child is full of personality and distinctive personality.

After 15 years of development, JOJO has always adhered to the original purpose of bringing fashion life to children, adhering to the core value of the brand of " star shining elite inheritance ", JOJO combines children's fashion with children's art, builds a dream T stage for children, and starts to hold The national brand image spokesman contest uses a subversive fashion trend feast exclusively for children, fulfilling the original intention of JOJO with fashion to meet children's desire to experience fashion and explore the world.

Brand origin:

In 2002, a trip sent JOJO. LIU to Italy, the palace of fashion, and her keen artistic thinking, she smelled different entrepreneurial inspirations. She deeply understands the necessity of continuing Chinese traditional art aesthetics. She believes that there is no generation gap between fashion and the times. She believes that only by adopting the integration of traditional Chinese cultural aesthetics and combining fashion trend art can she create a unique brand spirit. Because of this, JOJO. LIU founded the JOJO children's clothing after returning to China, hoping to use clothing to accumulate and transfer oriental culture, run through the elements of fashion trends, and shape the international and atmospheric modern Chinese children's fashion dressing style.

What's important in making clothing is not just pursuing unconventional style, but knowing the golden mean. What makes JOJO. LIU proud is the profound and profound traditional Chinese culture, and the ingenious integration of oriental elements into product design, respecting the aspiration and recognition of modern people for fashion, and creating a free, independent, and wealthy way through clothing. Children's lifestyle with cultural heritage, children can have the courage to show their strength, show their personality, express themselves, and have clear growth ideas and attitudes to life.

Brand Positioning:

"Oriental classics and theme fashion", JOJO wants to create fashionable fashion within reach for individual children. JOJO also hopes to deeply explore traditional Chinese culture, effectively integrate fashion with traditional culture, and revive oriental culture with modern and trendy languages. In order to create a new fashion trend.

Brand Spirit: Children's Oriental Cultural and Creative Aesthetic Life

Brand Declaration: Wear your child's Chinese fan!

Suitable for ages: 2-16 years old Clothing style route: European and Korean style Product price: Spring and summer: 89-699 yuan; Autumn and winter: 120-999 yuan

design concept:

Wear a fan of Chinese children! Do not repeat traditional models, do not rely on imported culture, draw on the essence of history and culture, use a dimension that modern people can like and appreciate, and create costumes that children love. Is the design concept of JOJO.

About the brand founder and design director:

Ms. Liu Chuanying, Chairman of JOJO Children ’s Wear, is a fashion expert who has applied the concept of “personality and fashion” to the field of children ’s wear. She has also trained a large number of children ’s model stars on the runway through the JOJO Children ’s Image Spokesperson Competition. , By the CCTV and the provincial and municipal television media's extensive attention; her JOJO children's clothing has also won many reputations.

In the process of engaging in the fashion industry, Ms. Liu Chuanying has always paid attention to the cultivation of young talents and the loving support to poor children. JOJO children's clothing has been in-depth cooperation with a number of universities for talent training and selection, and supports young students through various design competitions.

JOJO children's clothing has been continuously helping the poor children. The company donated to Wang Zetian Kenanda Hope Primary School in Huangmei County, Hubei Province, and hoped primary schools in Guangdong, Sichuan and other places to support poor children. In 2008, the Wenchuan Earthquake Company donated more than 2 million donations. Yuan, in 2010, the Yushu Earthquake Company donated more than 1.3 million yuan, JOJO will continue to pay attention to the growth of poor children.

Brand style positioning five-ring merchandise model

Tao high-end series of cultural and creative · original · design; ink personality series personality · independence · black and white theme; Confucian urban series elegant · little prince · little princess; Xia street series of tide children · stylish · cool; motion

  • 2-16岁 Target consumer groups 2-16 years
  • 10万元 The first purchase amount of 100,000 yuan
  • 代理,特许加盟 Cooperative Way Agent, Franchise
  • 联系厂家 Contact factory for discount rate
  • 免加盟费 Franchise fee
  • 100% Exchange rate 100%
  • 1万元 Security deposit of 10,000 yuan
  • 全国广东浙江北京上海江苏福建山东河北河南辽宁天津四川安徽湖北重庆湖南香港台湾澳门新疆西藏内蒙古青海宁夏甘肃陕西云南贵州广西江西吉林山西黑龙江海南 Key investment promotion areas nationwide Guangdong Zhejiang Beijing Shanghai Jiangsu Fujian Shandong Hebei Liaoning Tianjin Sichuan Anhui Hubei Chongqing Hunan Hong Kong Taiwan Macau Xinjiang Tibet Inner Mongolia Qinghai Ningxia Gansu Shaanxi Yunnan Guizhou Guangxi Jiangxi Jilin Shanxi Heilongjiang Hainan

Join the eight advantages

Outstanding design: Set up research and development centers in Hong Kong, South Korea, and Europe to collect classic fashion and create brand personality elements. Products in each season are constantly updated, and they have advantages in style, color and fabric.

Excellent system : After more than ten years of precipitation and upgrading, the brand has established a comprehensive and unique store operation system, and is managed by "Jiujiu Company Terminal Operation Management Manual", "Jiujiu Company Store Display Manual", "Jujiu Company Product Matching Manual" The specification manual is reflected.

Opening support : When the new store opens, the company will send related professionals to carry out store display, store atmosphere layout and media promotion guidance, or use audio-visual teaching materials for guidance.

Display instructions : In addition to providing customers with display instruction manuals on a regular basis, company professionals will also conduct terminal display shopping for product display training from time to time.

Sales assistance: The company has set up a special merchandise / customer service department and regional distribution team, equipped with professional staff to help customers improve sales to improve sales

Training guarantee: The company will provide on-the-job, on-the-job training for customers and their teams, or use audiovisual materials to provide guidance, including: product knowledge / sales skills / product display / after-sales service / marketing management, etc.

Promotion Guidelines: Provide advertising and promotion support to increase sales and market share. During the promotion of each season's products, Jiujiu company provides relevant support, including publicity planning, production of event materials, etc.

Preferential policies : Based on the development of the channel and market conditions, the company introduces channel support policies that help both parties to win-win cooperation, and strengthens the ability of cooperation between the two parties.

Inviting to join to help you actively develop the market

01. Children's Oriental cultural and creative aesthetics children's clothing brand

02 、 Black and white personalized tide cool children's clothing brand

03 、 Focus on one-stop shopping for children in 16 seasons with full range of four seasons

Original designer fashion brand new retail children's clothing JOJO children's clothing has joined. The multi-store chain across the country is selling hotly.

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Brand reputation:
5 stars
major business:
Children's clothing
Guangdong clothing / Shenzhen clothing
Guangdong children's clothing / Shenzhen children's clothing / Shenzhen children's clothing 4-12 years old
Company Name:
Shenzhen Jiujiu Fashion Children's Wear Co., Ltd.
Website URL:
contact number:
Manager Xiao
No. 5 Liuhe Road, Henggang Liuyi, Longgang District, Shenzhen

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    Message content: How to join? Please tell me the joining fee and rules? What does it cost to invest in your brand?
  • [Dealer] Ye From: Guangzhou
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